Good planning helps assure a good adjustment to treatment. Some people feel secure handling their own treatment either at home or work, and are comfortable with making arrangements such as ordering and storing equipment and supplies. Others may prefer to have a professional medical team carry out treatment in a dedicated treatment center. How you feel about these matters are important questions to explore with your health care team. To get started, good questions to ask yourself are: What kinds of activities do I enjoy? What is my daily schedule like? Is my job flexible? What other medical conditions do I have? Do I have support and help at home? What is important to me about how I live? Click on the link titled Treatment Evaluator for a tool that can help choose the treatment that’s right for you. When you first start dialysis you’ll have a lot to learn about how long your treatment takes, how you feel while you are having treatment and after it is finished, and how all of this affects your level of energy and mood. Most people are amazed and relieved at how much better they feel once they start treatment. Even so, expect a period of adjustment for a couple of months. After all, treatment is a major life change. With help from your family, your health care team, and friends, a new normal routine will soon be in place. This new routine will be one that includes exercise, sports, family outings, and the other unique activities that make your life your own.

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