With proper planning, you can travel while on dialysis. Start small — with day trips and quick weekend getaways. Then you can build up confidence and work up to longer vacations. If you are on hemodialysis, your social worker can also help you arrange for dialysis treatment at a facility in the areas you will be staying. If you do peritoneal dialysis, you can take your supplies with you, or have them shipped to your destination. It’s best to make travel arrangements at least two months ahead of time, if possible, even earlier for popular destinations such as Florida and Las Vegas or at heavy travel times such as the holidays. Special trips, including cruises with a dialysis medical team onboard, are also available for people on dialysis. Your center can forward a copy of your dialysis prescription and other records to the center you will visit. It is also a good idea to carry a copy of your medical information with you and to call ahead to be sure the center you will be visiting has all the information they need. Call to confirm your appointment when you arrive at your destination. In the Choices section, you will find more information on insurance and how Medicare and other plans can help pay for treatments while you travel. With resourcefulness and determination, you can travel on dialysis.

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