Chronic Kidney Disease, or CKD, is a failure of the kidneys’ ability to filter blood. It is not a failure of you as a person, or your dreams or your goals for the future. Having CKD means that you will be planning for the future differently than before, but you have a great deal to say and do about what your future holds.

It would be completely understandable for you to be feeling overwhelmed, and maybe frightened, and even sad, or angry at the news that you have a chronic disease; one that will be with you for the rest of your life.

In this Living section of the Kidney Smart program, you will begin to learn what living with a diagnosis of CKD means for your everyday life, as well as the future. In this early stage of CKD, many things will stay as they’ve been in terms of family, work and free time activities. But for those parts of life for which your diagnosis requires changes, there is information to help you. You will want to understand who the members of your new health care team are, and how to manage some new routines and treatment plans that they will create exactly to meet your needs. The members of this team, and their particular jobs are introduced in the next section of this program, called Adjusting to Life with CKD. All of the coming plans are geared toward one goal: helping you to Take Control, Make a Plan, and Stay Your Course to live a long and full life with CKD. You are not alone.