With Late Stage CKD and kidney failure, you will need to choose from one of several treatment options because your kidneys no longer function at a level to maintain health. Choosing a treatment, whether transplant or dialysis, should be based on what best fits your healthcare, and lifestyle. While all of these options are treatments for CKD, unfortunately none of them are cures.

If you are considering a kidney transplant, you will undergo a transplant evaluation and your doctor will explain how to get on a transplant waiting list for a kidney or the process involved in finding a living donor. You can learn more about these treatment options in the Make a Plan - Transplant Choice chapter of this program.

If you decide not to try for a transplant, you will need to choose a dialysis treatment plan. There are two main types of dialysis: Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis. Learning about the different benefits and considerations, and how each fits your lifestyle and personal preferences will help you to decide on a treatment. Your healthcare team is the first source of information, and you can learn a great deal more about dialysis in the Make a Plan – Dialysis Choices chapter of this program.

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