Being well prepared and understanding CKD treatment choices makes planning for the future an easier task. This system that puts all of this together is called Take Control – Make a Plan – Stay Your Course. Take Control by understanding CKD and your other health conditions. Make a Plan by working with your health care team, family, clergy, and employer to create a kidney-friendly life, including diet, exercise, and healthy habits. Stay Your Course by creating good support and using tools at home, at work, and with your health care team to help you stick with your Plan. In the Learning section of this program, you can learn a great deal more about your kidneys and how their function changes as CKD progresses. You’ll find information to help you understand how lifestyle changes and treatment choices will help to support your kidneys in the later stages of CKD. In the Choices section of this program, you’ll find in depth information about treatment choices and the elements of a kidney-friendly diet and lifestyle plan. You’ll also find tools and information to support the plans you make to take good care of your body, your feelings, and your budget, as time goes on.

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