Care Partner: Caring for
Those With CKD

As the care partner of someone with CKD, understanding the various types of treatments is the first step in appreciating the role you may play to help treatment work as smoothly as possible. Being well-acquainted with the nuts and bolts of treatment, and creating solid back-up plans will help to ensure that your family member or friend with CKD will be able to meet any treatment challenges.

  • Being an Effective Care Partner
  • Care partners provide help and support to cope with the everyday and longer term tasks and stresses of living with a chronic disease.
  • Support for Home Hemodialysis
  • As a home hemodialysis care partner, you'll make a significant contribution to your loved one's quality of life.
  • Support for Home Peritoneal Dialysis
  • People who choose peritoneal dialysis may feel more comfortable doing treatments with someone there to assist.
  • Support for Post-Transplant
  • You can provide the emotional and practical support to ease recovery and help the recipient develop and maintain healthy habits.